The ss-*, ss-bg-* and ss-bd-* classes can be used to color any HTML element, While the * is one of the colors from below table.
Add the ss-hvr-* suffix to change color on hover.

Color Variable Preview
Aqua aqua
Light Aqua light-aqua
Black black
Light Black light-black
Blue blue
Light Blue light-blue
Brand brand
Brown brown
Light Brown light-brown
Cyan cyan
Light Cyan light-cyan
Gray gray
Light Gray light-gray
Green green
Light Green light-green
Indigo indigo
Light Indigo light-indigo
Khaki khaki
Light Khaki light-khaki
Lime lime
Light Lime light-lime
Maroon maroon
Light Maroon light-maroon
Orange orange
Light Orange light-orange
Pink pink
Light Pink light-pink
Purple purple
Light Purple light-purple
Red red
Light Red light-red
Sand sand
Light Sand light-sand
Teal teal
Light Teal light-teal
White white
Yellow yellow
Light Yellow light-yellow